We provide clear user insights of people
who live in Japan.

We develop and deploy our own services to popularize user behavior observation surveys and user testing, as an essential process for improving UX and web marketing.


We offer the following value-adding services for foreign companies that are not accustomed to conducting research in Japan.

We’ve held over 7,000 remote user tests
Own survey panels
Japanese Translation of Research Tasks
Survey video with English subtitles
Identification and listing of research issues in English
Report in English

Our services

We offer the best research method based on each business requirements.

Research Planning

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1. Understanding User Needs

Understand needs in a specific context. Remote UT can expand the number of people and the area more than depth or group INTVW, and collect needs based on experience. A telephone interview is also conducted in some cases.

2. Competitive Product Survey

By knowing the pros and cons of competing products in advance, find points where to learn or needs improvement.

3. Content and Function Requirements

Information will be collected from various angles through questionnaires to define requirements/necessary elements. Application to regulations is also available.

Prototype Verification

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1. Concept Verification

Present a concept diagram in a flyer or text and verify whether the concept is attractive to users.

2. Function & Content Verification

Prepare a concrete prototype in a specific area and verify good or bad at the function/content level. A competitor is used instead of proto in some cases.

3. Test Site Verification

Use the test environment product to validate the major usage scenes.

Finding Issues After Release

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1. Issues from User’s Perspective

Have 3 to 5 people use the service on a situation setting basis, not on a task basis to identify issues in specific situations without limiting to UI.

2. Qualitative PDCA Cycle

For points that are difficult to understand with existing quantitative data (satisfaction, the usability of specific functions, etc.), user tests are conducted regularly.

3. Continuous User Testing

Instead of a one-time survey, monitors use the same service for a certain period and have them regularly report the usage scene. It is close to a diary survey.

Verification of Improvement Policy

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1. Renewal Effect Verification

Evaluate the renewal result from a perspective other than quantitative KPI.

2. Verification by Core Users and Members

Validate the improvement policy by members and core users, not random users.

3. Strengthen SEO(SXO)

Clarify the situation/needs behind the search keyword and collect insights to improve the search experience.

“UX Researcher-on-demand”

UX researcher man-hours and tools

Fixed-price inspection work

UX Researcher Operation

Working hours of a researcher with experiences in various industries / fields, and provide courteous physical support.

Dedicated Researcher
7,000+ Research & Consultant Experiences
Quick Response within Operating Hours
Latest cases and Know-how
Easily Conducted

Various Research Tools

Remote User Test
Phone Interview
Survey Research
Prototype Test

Charges for services

800,000 yen +per month
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Our Clients


In the sprint development cycle, quickly conduct UX research and build a system that enables hypothesis verification from the user’s perspective.


Build a system that can easily carry out four types of UX research, including user testing, questionnaires, diary surveys, and telephone interviews, in a regular UX improvement cycle.


Adopt a UX researcher in the team under a system to understand user needs and utilize them for client proposals and website construction.

NTT Resonant

Build a system to improve the success rate by conducting UX research within the 6-month cycle of new service planning, development, and launch.

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